You bailed us out!

March 10, 2006
Dear Phil:
Thank you for being so helpfully persistent and finding just the right mortgage solution for us. Without you, we’d still be sitting in a leaky boat that was filling faster than we could bail!
Your hard work and constant contact really paid off. You helped us through a very difficult time and made a tedious process very smooth. The closing was so easy!
Thank you again for being a friend to us and taking a personal interest as well as being a hard-working, conscientious mortgage broker. You have helped us put our feet on the path to financial freedom.
You are the first, last, and only mortgage consultant I’d recommend. Remember to look us up if you come to Racine; we’d love to visit in person with you. May God bless you and your family and grant Jacob a healthy, normal life.
Dan and Cindy B
Racine, WI