Thanks so much

 Just wanted to shout out a THANKS SO FREAKIN" much for being there to help and I promise as soon as we figure out something I will try to do something for you. I am at least going to send you some free haircut gift certificates for your gorgeous boys, You even tried to call me back again tonight! I have never met a man like you, and I am glad that I did!! Thanks Phil for all of your time and education
I’ll call you in the morning so I know what to say and I want to fight to keep my home. This is where I want to live  for the rest of my life. I have questions on how much I should say to my lender , Thanks for being there for me!!!
p.s I read what you told me too ( I’m getting educated at 35 almost 36 years old) sad hugh!
Tonya L.  St Paul Mn